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Tips For 10th Class Students/What to do after 10th class/Carrier guide for students after 10 th Colleges in Kerala/Professional Courses/

Carrier guide for students after 10 th class
what to do after Class 10th , now what?

The importance of self-assessment while on the verge of taking decision about your future, check yourself what you can do ? Check your strength and performance ? if you have to confidence for some kinds of typical and difficult courses then only go for that. It is so important that you begin by asking yourself "Who am I?" and then making step by step, a professional personality for yourself. This inmost journey helps you in the process of self-evaluation, giving clarity to your thoughts and helping you to define your interests, preferred skills,What do you want to be in your life ? Which subject you like most ? Which subject you feel difficult ? What are the family conditions of your parents, Financially ? Job opportunities in that course ?

Colleges in Kerala
Ayurvedic Colleges
Dental Colleges
Engineering Colleges
Hotel Management
Law Colleges
Mass Communication
Medical Colleges
Nursing Colleges
Pharmacy Colleges
Physiotherapy Colleges
Siddha Colleges
Veterinary Colleges

Professional Courses

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Fundamentals
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Professional
Certificate in Personnel Practice (CIPD)

Personnel and Development (CIPD) PGCert/Dip
Human Resource Management MA
CIM Introductory Certificate in Marketing
CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing
CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing
CIM Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) Level 3
Legal Practice course (part-time)

Some Occupations

Analytical Occupations: Detective, Technical Writer, Banking, Insurance, Accounts, Charted Accountant, Company Secretary, Foreign Languages Teacher, Stock Broker etc.

Pragmatic Occupations: Veterinary Surgeons, Fire Fighters, Audio and Video
Technicians, Farm Workers, Journalist, Agriculture Technician, Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Criminologist, Lawyer, Dairy Farmers,Poultry Farmers, Horticulturist etc.

Social Occupations: Social Workers, Teachers, Nurses, Therapists, Psychiatrist, Psychologist etc.

Artistic: Painters, Singer, Musician, Actor, Dancer, Fashion Designer, Photographer, Modeling, Theatre, Jewelery Designer, Interior Decorator, Beautician etc.

Enterprising: Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, CEO, Public Relation Office, Program Directors, Chef, Hospitality and Retail Managers, Vastu and Feng Shui Expert etc.

Conventional: Doctor, Lecturer, Engineer, Scientist, Armed Forces, and IAS/IES/IPS, Charted Accountant, Company Secretary, Lawyers etc.

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